Jung Bahadur Rana: A Dictator Who had 52 Wives

Some unknown facts about Jung Bahadur Rana and his historical contribution to the welfare of Nepal.

Jung Bahadur Rana was the Prime Minister of Nepal and the first Shri 3 Maharaj. Jung Bahadur Rana, who became powerful after the massacre of Kotparva, became more powerful than the monarchy after the Bhandarkhal festival.

Jang Bahadur was born as the son of Bal Narasimha Kunwar in 1874. In the early days, of Laphanga, Juwade Jung Bahadur is a successful villain in the history of Nepal due to his indomitable courage, bravery, and ingenuity.

He established the Rana rule in Nepal and initiated one hundred four years of family rule. Jung Bahadur was a staunch devotee of British policy. He ruled one-sidedly by killing his staunch opponents one by one. After his return from the UK and France, Nepali art, culture, public life, and even law were influenced by the West.

The writer tries to explain a few things about Shree tin Jung Bahadur’s most unknown braveness.

Unknown Fact About Jung Bahadur Rana

Jung Bahadur Rana in1887
Jung Bahadur Rana in 1887

Nepal’s former regime of Shree Three Jung Bahadur Rana gave a big contribution to systematically developing the government institution. He made history to modernize the Nepali people’s livestock for getting a balanced relationship with the British Indian Government as a neighbour. Today I’m sharing with you the ten most unknown factors of Janga Bahadur Rana. He started the dictatorship of 103 years Rana Regime. He took Rana’s Position after getting Prime minister. 

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Horse Riding and War of Tir (kind of war)  

Jung bahadur is the founder of the Rana regime of Nepal dentistry. He collected the power with the work of Maharani Rajendra Rajya wife of the king of Rajendra. Jung worked in the military force and almost all of his relation members worked in the Nepal army that’s why we can say that he was healthy and brave in risk-taking action. His first choice was playing games and Riding horses. Whenever he had the plan to visit outside he would use his own horse as a vehicle.


Jung had extraordinary talent in adventure life. Every time he was out, they kept the hunting accessories for hunting wildlife animals as per their wish. He was well prepared for hunting for setting the target of the hunt destination.

To help for taking hunt destination purpose he bought thirty horses from Mumbai for hunting support. During that decade he had impressive fame with his dictatorship.

Hindu Religion

He believed in Hindu culture. He was devoted to the ancient culture which was running ancient religion.  He visited H 1853 on May 26. He used foot after returning from Badrinath in 109 miles. During that time, he changed twelve horses from Badrinath to Kathmandu on their religious visit delegations.

Power Centered

 In his dictatorship mainly three power centres were administratively executed, king, queen, and princess. That’s why he wanted to take the all-power house within his own administration. He was wise clever about military combat and politics, he was searching right time to take all administration under his control. The power and goodwill of the royal administration were gradually moving downward.

He was well decision-maker administrator, an Ones-time Farmer used for the land of the king. Farmer faces Tushar and wants to make some concession for payment of lease fertile land. One-time debate on the meeting on prime minister house. 

Visit Europe

Shree three Janga Bahadur is the first prime minister of Asia who visited the UK. He used the Indian way. At that time there was no flight system. He spent one year in the UK. On the occasion of their Europe visit, he arranged all hospitality from domestic availability.

He started new administration and the justice system in Nepal after learning from the United Kingdom. He hired a few expert teams from the United Kingdom for systemizing the rule and regulations of law, education system and technology transformant.

Takes Shelter on the way to visit United Kindom

Jung Bahadur is the first prime minister who visited the United Kingdom in the south Asian region. The United Kingdom had firstly welcome as prime minister of the country Nepal where ever other states are undercovered by the United Kingdom administration.

His relationship was trustworthy with UK officials. One most important thing was he used the Indian seaway to visit Europe; His tour route was from Chisapani Gandhi way from reached out to Pathharghatta.

Where his team hunted and arranged other fifteen days assessments for their necessary material before starting to travel the UK. Jung was the chief general of the Nepalese army whenever he had time he would go hunting. He lived four months in the UK thereafter he visited other European countries and returned back home after a year-long tour. 

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