3 Eye-Opening Pieces of History You Will Wish Weren’t Really True

Three Eye-opening pieces of history that might change the way you perceive the past. Christopher Columbus, Anna Frank and Wedding Nights of England

History can be pretty gross and brutal at times, and even though it’s important to learn from the mistakes of our past, there are some historical events kids just aren’t ready to find out about.

History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon.”


1. Christopher Columbus was a Despicable Rapist & obviously wasn’t the first European to Make it to the American


Columbus actually never made it to the modern-day USA, it is believed he visited the Bahamas, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

Christopher Columbus forced numerous natives into working down the mines. He started considering them as his belongings, so much so that he actually started trading premature girls, some as young as ten, as seven as slaves to his own men, to the people who were well known as rapists and murderers.

There is uncertainty about him being considered the first person to discover America but certainly, he may have been the very first man to begin underage sex slavery in the whole of America, which is probably not how he’d like to be remembered.

He also used native people as food to feed his dogs, mutilated around 10,000 of them by cutting off their hands, and in all was responsible for around 200,000 deaths in Haiti alone. So now you know this, maybe let October 12th pass without celebration next year.

2. Anne Frank’s Diary Was Laboriously Edited

Now if you are unaware of The Diary of Anne Frank, dude hang around with history books for short while. It’s the writings of Anne Frank while she was in hiding for two years with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands and later published as a book. The book is among the most read and the most inspiring piece of history that had been published in more than 70 languages.

Anna Frank on Her Desk

The Diary of Anne Frank offers a harrowing personal account of what life was like for Jewish people under the Fancy regime.

There are a few interesting stories regarding Anne Frank’s diary that you may not know, one of which covers the fact that when it was published as a book, it was missing a whole bunch of personal information.

This is because the diary had been edited by the sole surviving member of the Frank family, Otto Frank, Anne’s father. Otto was given his daughter’s diary after he escaped when his camp was liberated, and upon reading it he decided the world needed to hear his daughter’s story with a few minor alterations first.

Anna Frank Diary

He cut out the parts where she talked about her period or discovering herself sexually, he removed most references to boys she liked, and when he found that his daughter had gone into great detail about how obsessed her father was with fart jokes, he edited those out too.

Eventually, the unedited version of Anne’s diary was released to the public, and the world got to see more of the real Anne Frank. The tales of a normal girl and her relationship with her normal family, all of which was torn apart by the atrocities carried out by the Nazi.

3. King Charles the Second of England, Watched his nephew, William of Orange, Enter his wife on Their Wedding night

The guy here is the History’s Creepiest Uncle We’ve all got at least one creepy uncle in our family, you know, that one who leers at you over the Christmas dinner table licks his lips too slowly, and gives you twenty bucks to not tell anyone about what happened that time in the shower.

King Charles the Second of England

King Charles the Second of England, watched his nephew, William of Orange, enter his wife on their wedding night. Charles shouted in encouragement and cheered as William and his new wife Mary the second consummated their marriage.

And guess what this was a pretty normal practice back in ye olden times, as when a newlywed couple went to bump uglies for the first time they’d often be watched by their wedding guests, who would drink, dance, shout and play music, even bringing water and food for the couple in case they needed a bang break. Gross

Prince Frederick being led to bed by a party including her parents, King George III and Queen Charlotte

And in royal circles the more powerful or important you were, the higher the number of people who wanted to watch your wedding night. William of Orange was actually the third of his name.

His father, William the second got married at 15 and had an even weirder wedding Night. Now his wife was the 9-year-old Mary Stuart. Thankfully tradition dictated that the consummation of a marriage could be considered complete if the two kids’ naked legs touched just once, so he kissed his young bride on the cheek, and waited for his wife’s dwarf to cut open her nightdress – because of course there was a midget involved too – and they simply went to sleep in disguise.

So that’s our list. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments


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